Novena & Feast of St. Joseph Vaz, 7th Jan – 16th Jan, 2018

Novena & Feast of St. Joseph Vaz,
7th January to 16th January, 2018

Theme: “Kristacho Mog Amkam Thar Dinam": Kristachea Mogachea Ujean, Sant Zuze Vaz Sogttank Sogott Zalo; Ami-i Tacheam Panvlamnim Cholum-ia.
“The Love Of Christ Urges Us On": Enkindled by the fire of Christ’s Love, St. Joseph Vaz became all things to all men; let us too walk in His Footsteps.

Novena Days:  7th Jan – 15th Jan
Morning: 6.00 am, 7.30 am and 9.15 am (konkani);                   Evening: 4.00 pm (Konkani); 6.00 pm (English)
Sunday: Morning: 6.00 am, 7.15 and 9.15 am (konkani);          Evening: 4.00 (Konkani); 6.00 pm (English)

Feast Day: 16th Jan
Morning: 5.00 am; 6.00 am; 7.00 am; 8.00 am
Feast Mass: 10.00 am
Afternoon: 12.00 pm (Oretory)
Evening: 4.00 pm; 5.30 pm


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