About The Archbishop Patriarch

Most Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrão

Archbishop of Goa and Daman
Titular Archbishop of Cranganore
Primate of the East
Patriarch of the East Indies

Episcopal Motto:
Tim Sogllim Ek Zaum (That They May All Be One)

Born 20th January, 1953
Obtained Priest 28th October, 1979
Obtained Bishop 10th April, 1994
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese 1994 – 2004
Appointed Archbishop of Goa Daman and Patriarch
“ad honorem" of the East Indies
12th December, 2003
Public Annoucement of the Appointment 16th January, 2004
Installed as Archbishop-Patriarch 21st March, 2004
Appointed Metropolitan 25th November, 2006
Bishop-Member of the FABC Office for Education
and Culture
December, 2012
Chairman of the Western Region Committee for
December, 2012
Vice-President – ll, Catholic Bishops’ Conference
of India CBCI)
February, 2014