Celebrations are a part and parcel of the people on the whole and in Goa, in particular. Though the celebrations vary in different aspects, the Church Liturgical Calendar helps us to bring life and significance, in every stage, to the fullness of our growth. Some feasts are more appealing and endearing in terms of shades of celebrations unmindful of the age, time, season or significance. 

Likewise, 26th July is marked as the Feast of Saints Joaquim and Anna. We remember and acknowledge them as the most loving grandparents of Jesus, our Saviour.  Therefore, this feast is commonly celebrated as Grandparents’ day among our Catholic Communities. Grandparents are accustomed to be felicitated by their grandchildren as a sort of norm encouraged by the Sunday School Teachers in our Parishes.

Considering no exemption to our seniors in any form, from such mindful acknowledgement and setting aside rules and regulations, Sr. Wilber Coutinho was promptly inspired to organise a short and meaningful celebration for the SENIOR SISTERS of our Congregation of Handmaids of Christ, at St Alex Convent, Calangute. Last year, she had celebrated with a thumping success, this very feast for our Senior Citizens of Mother Mary Haven.

When the celebration was all set to begin, Sr. Scholastica Norohna and Alfonsa Abreu were given a lift by our generous friend Sarah from Mother Mary Haven to St. Alex Convent (Mother House). They joined the group of Sisters, Serafica Baracho, Suzanna Vaz, Loretta Vaz, Zelia Fernandes, lnnocent Lobo, Genevieve Fernandes and Pulqueria D’Costa, all majestically siting in the reserved front row pre-arranged in Msgr. Herculano Gonsalves Art Exhibition Hall facing the great Crucifix right on top with paintings on our Founder, particularly of our Sr. Patricia. Mother House Sisters along with the Superior General Sr. Faria Barreto, Superior Sr. Lina Dias and other Sisters filled the Hall.

Sr. Wilber Coutinho conducted a meaningful Prayer Service assisted by Sr. Succorinha Mascarenhas and the two Aspirants. The celebration gained momentum through Aspirant Reshma\’s captivating welcome dance that was followed with a beautifully decorated tags pinned with appreciative words to the celebrants. Superior General, in her short speech valued the contribution made by our senior Sisters and said that our Founder must be smiling at each one of them lovingly and tenderly for their love, dedication and faithfulness. She thanked Sr. Wilber for her rear and innovative idea of organising this unique celebration.

Later each of the Senior Sister was showered with gifts by the timely arrival of Rev. Fr. Allan Tavares SFX. Cutting of the Cake offered a pleasant surprise. The height of the day were the mobiles captivating the rare moments of the young spirits of our Senior Sisters. 

Our hearty Congratulations to the foresight of Sr. Wilber who was seized with a vision to acknowledge and appreciated the inaudible presence of our Senior Sisters. She took great interest to execute a beautiful programme and with collective efforts and support from Mother House Sisters and her small St. Alex Pre- Novitiate Community. It is to be noted that such a programme was first of its kind in our Congregation. All of us are touched by her sensitivity and indeed a very great and a noble sense of valued respect and recognition. Sr. Wilber, we sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and genuine efforts.

Long live our Senior Sisters!
Long Live Handmaids of Christ!
Long Live our Founder Msgr. Herculano Gonsalves

Sr. Adrianne HC
St. Alex Convent

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