‘IGNITE’ – A Youth Inaugural Day by Porvorim Youth

‘IGNITE’ – A Youth Inaugural Day by Porvorim Parish Youth

On Sunday, the 17th of July, 2022, ‘IGNITE’ – a youth inaugural day was held by Holy Family Parish Youth at Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Alto Porvorim. At 9:45 a.m was the registration which involved the handing over of name badges and coloured ribbons to everyone. After the registration, we invoked God’s blessings with Mass which was celebrated by Fr. John Albano Fernandes, Youth Animator of Mapusa deanery. The theme for the Mass was ‘Follow Me\’ and the Youth Coordinator, Samuel Abraham lit a candle as a sign to ‘IGNITE’ the flame within all of us. Fr. John gave a wonderful and inspiring sermon where he talked about the pastoral theme for the year 2022-23, “Follow Me” and how we, the Youth could be lively and set forth on the journey along with Christ and how we could set a beautiful example for the future generations and watch as they follow us too. Before the introduction to the speakers, there was a short snack break. The speakers for the event were, Ms.Stephanie Cruz, Mr.Adriel Mascarenhas and Ms.Janice Cardozo. They, along with Fr. John were offered potted plants as a token of appreciation by Fr. Caetano Fernandes the parish priest of Holy Family Church, Porvorim. Fr. Caetano formally welcomed the gathering and addressed the youth and encouraged to participate actively in Church events.
Then the new comittee was called out and the handover of the file took place . Fr. Alfi the Youth animator of Holy Family Church, appreciated the work of former youth Co- ordinator, Mr. Matias and wished all success for the new co- ordinator Mr. Samuel and the rest of the programme continued. The DYC team animated the youngaters, Ms. Janice taught us a Konkani song and showed us the steps to it and it had us all dancing to the tunes. Ms. Stephanie gave a talk on ‘Positivity In My Reality’. She voiced her traumatic past and showed us that she was able to see at the young age of fourteen the Good Samaritan lacking in many in the time of someone’s needs. She stated that she could have easily behaved in the same way because of how her family was treated. But it was her mother who inspired her to develop the three main points in her speech to us; Constructive Thinking – to look for the solutions and to work with the problem to find a way out, To Believe in Yourself – to have faith in oneself and one’s capabilities, and To Take on Opportunities – never miss out a chance to move forward. She told us to be good listeners in order to be able to have someone listen to then listen to us. Just as she now was guiding us with her speech. The next speaker, Mr. Adriel spoke to us about his journey in the youth group. He mentioned how he started off very hesitantly and that he was encouraged by his friend and Parish Priest to join the Youth, to take part in the activities, to go for retreats, to then become the Youth Coordinator of his Parish. He stated that he went from helping behind the stage to then going on the stage and being able to talk to us on that day. All this was possible for him only because of his time spent in the Youth. He went on to thank Fr. Alfi for giving them the stage to talk upon. Following this the new Ex-Co Members were announced. And the Youth Coordinator said a few words as he began his journey. The report of the year 2021 was read out, followed by lunch. The purpose of the coloured bands was that everyone had to sit in a group which didn’t repeat that colour so that we form a good relation with everyone and work towards strengthening the Youth. During lunch there were few spot prizes. The event ended after lunch and was a great success. All together there were 65 youth who participated in this event.

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